Step 7

Complete all trainings (Concussion, SafeSport and Lindsay's Law)

*You will be asked to upload a current concussion training from either the CDC or NFHS [links & guides here]. Must be taken within the last three years, and then must be uploaded into your Player's Health account to complete the requirement. To upload, click on the CDC Heads Up box in your Player's Health account and use the upload icon (cloud with arrow) to upload your certificate.


  1. If you've already taken the initial course in years past, you can take the refresher course through accessing it via Player's Health in order to renew. You access the course by clicking on the SafeSport box after you've logged into Player's Health, then clicking on the Proceed button.
  2. Once you have completed any SafeSport course through Player's Health, please allow up to 24-48 hours for SafeSport to update in the system.
  3. If you have already completed your SafeSport training in 2020, or just finished and want to update your status faster, the easiest way to mark yourself as complete is to enter the code on your certificate. You will have an opportunity to do this when you click on the SafeSport box.