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US Soccer Player Development Philosophy

USS PD Philosophy

At the grassroots level, children learn and develop to their full potential through game-like experiences in an enjoyable environment that supports individual growth.

US Soccer Coaching Education Philosophy

USSoccer Coaching Education Philosophy

Reality Based: The game is what drives changes in behavior, reflection and decision making for the player/the team and the coach

Holistic Approach: Input and consideration for all interconnected aspects of the game, the athlete and the desired outcome

Experiential Learning: The evaluation, analysis and reflection of experiences to develop competencies and improve behavior

US Soccer Grassroots Road Map

Grassroots Roadmap

The U.S. Soccer Grassroots Roadmap is a basic observational tool for coaches to use when reading and teaching the game.

US Soccer Player Development Framework

Player Development Framework

The U.S. Soccer Grassroots Player Development Framework is a simplified overview of the development pathway of U6 to U13+ grassroots players related to the four game models and player ages, based on goals, needs, key qualities, and player/coach behavior.

US Soccer Play-Practice-Play


U.S. Soccer developed and implemented the Play-Practice-Play methodology at the Grassroots level. Researched and developed by technical leaders, this player-centered approach allows coaches of all levels to help create training environments to fulfill the two basic needs of players of all ages: to have fun and to develop!

The game of soccer is very unpredictable and free-flowing. It’s constantly changing between the moments of attacking, defending, and both transitional moments in between. Each of the three phases of Play-Practice-Play replicates those moments and are easy for the coach to implement. The environment provides players with what they like and with what they need to analyze the game, make decisions, be creative with their own solutions, and to ultimately become independent, critical thinkers.

PTYSC's Supporting Coaching Education

US Soccer Coaching Education

US Soccer is continuing to work on modifying Grassroots Licenses to accomodate various locations across the country and the safety concerns around the country.  

Therefore there are currently two options to run US Soccer Grassroots Licenses.  The first is a traditional option which would be a 2:2 (2 hours in classroom and 2 hours on the field) these can be done on the same day or on two different days.  If using this model, the classroom session should ideally be done outside such as in a pavillion or in a classroom with social distancing requirements met.

The second option is called a blended option, which would be a virtual classroom session and then in person field session.  These can be done on the same day or on two different days.

These same options are available for the D License.  The tradition is run over 2 full weekends (involving both in person classroom and field) with a 8-10 development period in between, and assignments due throughout.

The second option for the D License is a blended version.  This course is run over several weeks (ranging from 12-24 weeks) all completely virtual classroom with a final in person field day during the final week that is 6 hours.  Assignments are due throughout the duration of the course.

If you are is interested in getting your US Soccer Grassroots License (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 or a D License) please reach out to