Lighting Policy

The league adheres to the national guidelines concerning thunderstorm and lightening activity. That is if thunder or lightening is heard or is seen the game/practice is to be stopped immediately and all participants and spectators are to go to their cars immediately.  

  1. If lightning is seen or thunder is heard the game must be immediately suspended
  2. The game/practice may not be resume until 30 min after the last occurance of thunder/lightning
  3. If its a game:
    1. It is the referee’s discretion how long to wait or call a game.
      1. Adult coaches should discuss with youth refs when making decision on how long to wait/cancel the game
    2. If the game is cancelled after the 2nd half has begun, it is considered a complete game
    3. If the game is cancelled prior to the start of the 2nd half the game must be rescheduled to be played in its entirety